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Zepben is developing solutions to help electricity distribution networks thrive within a rapidly changing supply chain.


Energy consumption patterns are changing. This will accelerate as battery and PV prices continue to fall, and the long awaited electric car becomes mainstream.

Zepben’s Energy Workbench couples an in-memory network model and time series database with a load flow engine, geospatial and schematic visualizations of the network, and a variety of trend displays with drill downs. All accessible via RESTful API’s for other analytic functions. These features provide unprecedented insights into the behaviour of load and its impact on the network over time.


Zepben understands that Analytics is not achieved by a stand-alone platform that only ingests data. Analytics is only truly useful in a platform that can interact with the in-situ asset control and asset management systems.

Our industry has made a huge investment in ADMS, GIS, SCADA and traditional load flow analysis tools over recent years. Leveraging these systems and the data they consume and generate to address the challenges now faced by our industry, makes good business sense. Accordingly, our Energy Workbench solution is built from the ground up to integrate with ADMS, GIS and Meter Data solutions.


The growth of Distributed Energy Resources will need traditional forms of monitoring and control using SCADA to work with new forms of telemetry, based on web services and new market participants acting as the controllers of aggregated load. The demand side of the energy equation is going to become much more controllable.

The foundational technologies that underpin our Energy Workbench also support the development of control mechanisms that will be needed to manage Distributed Energy Resources, integrate with the core operational systems and adapt to the new energy future.

Energy Workbench

Analytics to understand the impact of Distributed Energy Resources


Gaining insights into changing consumption and generation patterns


Working with the ADMS, GIS, AMI and Load Flow Analysis Tools


From understanding to Action – dealing with Distributed Energy Resources

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